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So I want a book which has good source of problems. I am learning Abstract Algebra from Dummit Foote which has so many examples and exercises. In fact everything is said here. I am in need of a book which gives a good concept on the topics,then gives some examples and then gives exercises to solve. There are hardly any examples in books like Conway,Ahlfors,Lang which are recommended here.

The exercises neither contain any hints.

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Of course: Schaum's Outline. I think the complex analysis one is by M. I worked my way through this many years ago. One chapter a week. Until the "evaluate these real definite integrals" chapter, which took longer to do all the exercises! Saff and Arthur David Snider is in the style you are looking for. Be careful there are couple other books by these authors, and I think that one has a similar title.

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Download Complex Analysis Through Examples And Exercises

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Complex Analysis through Examples and Exercises

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An Introduction to Complex Analysis: Classical and Modern Approaches

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Complex Analysis 07: Contour Integration

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