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The former vice president launched his campaign later than many of the other candidates. The Minnesota Senator is popular among billionaires who have donated to more than one candidate: Stewart Resnick, Jonathan Gray, and Marc Lasry all contributed to her campaign while also supporting several of her rivals. The Minneapolis-based billionaire Pohlad family backed Klobuchar with donations from multiple family members.

Julián Castro for President

True to his campaign promise to take on the top 1 percent, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders has not received any donations from billionaires. I'm a New York-based journalist and I cover wealth for Forbes. Former Rep. Beto O'Rourke dominated Texas and Sen. Amy Klobuchar her native Minnesota.

Which Candidates Are Receiving Support From People of Color?

Nearly one out of every three donors who have given to any presidential campaign have donated to Sen. Bernie Sanders That doesn't mean they gave exclusively to Sanders — many people have given money to multiple Democratic candidates.

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  • Small donors don’t cut it for many Democratic candidates. Back to the rich;
  • Buttigieg sets high campaign fundraising bar, Biden raised more per day than any other Democrat.
  • The study also found that "Democrats are far from wearing their donors out" and have more to give. Buy Now, Pay Later. Already a Subscriber?

    Log In Here. Please sign in with Facebook or Google below:. If you have an older Salon account, please enter your username and password below: sign in Forgot Password? Here is summary data for the share of itemized fundraising totals from the five variables we investigated.


    Every day, the reporters at Sludge are relentlessly following the money to reveal the hidden networks and conflicts of interest that drive political corruption. Fossil fuel companies and astroturf industry groups are retooling their messaging to avoid accusations of climate science denial. Upper-level employees and executives at 14 hedge funds and private equity firms that are propping up the oil and gas industry have made large contributions to eight Democratic White House hopefuls, most who have taken the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.

    Tim Ryan - $889,000

    As they legislate on important matters, over 50 senators enjoy investments in major communications, defense, finance, energy, and health companies that Congress oversees. The DNC is trying to hide its members. But we got the list of names.

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    Chip in! Skip to content Democratic presidential candidates take the stage during the second night of the first Democratic presidential debates on June 27, in Miami, Florida. See more. Donor matching and data analysis by Data for Progress. Share this: Twitter Reddit Facebook Pocket. Muckraking journalism, delivered to you Email Address. Become a Member Or, Donate Crypto.

    NY, California, DC are big donor sources for Bullock’s presidential campaign